Lingo Agenda is run by an experienced professional Spanish freelance translator and multilingual project manager based in Spain.

Professional translation and language services for
translation companies and end-customers in the
following languages: English, German, French
and Italian into Spanish.
Worldwide client portfolio and a friendly and professional approach; in constant cooperation and interaction with customers.
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Why choose a professional translator?

Today many people speak at least one foreign language and many claim to be able to translate documents correctly. This may suffice in certain situations, but if you want a professional result you need a professional translator.

A professional translator should:

  • Master both the foreign and the native languages and translate only into their native language
  • Have a university education in translation/linguistics and/or other relevant areas
  • Have a sound knowledge of the topic to be translated as well as excellent documentation skills and experience
  • Have a thorough knowledge of computer-aided translation tools to speed up production and maintain terminology coherence
  • Be a member of a professional translators organization

As a qualified professional translator fulfilling the above prerequisites, I can offer you professional translation services at competitive rates.

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